Car Speakerphone – Bluetooth Car Kit B-PRO 2

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Introducing the B-PRO2: Elevate your audio experience with our latest hands-free kit, designed for effortless placement on your sun visor.

Superior Audio: Experience crystal clear conversations and music with enhanced sound quality.

Long-lasting Battery: Enjoy up to 12 hours of talk time and an impressive 900 hours of standby. Always be ready to connect.

Dual Phone Connectivity: Seamlessly connect two phones, catering both to you and your passenger’s calling needs.

Voice Command Ready: Activate voice commands like “Hey Siri” or “Ok Google” with a single click. Stay hands-free, always.

Effortless Use: Auto on/off with vibration sensors, ensuring ease when entering or exiting your vehicle.

Safe Call Handling: Answer calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel – simply say “Yes”.


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Introducing the B-PRO2 Hands-free Kit

Navigating today’s roads demands concentration, and the B-PRO2 is here to ensure that staying connected doesn’t come at the cost of your safety or driving experience.

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  • Automatic Convenience: Advanced vibration sensors allow the B-PRO2 to switch on and off automatically, adapting to your journey, so you don't have to.
  • Connect Two, Drive One: The B-PRO2 seamlessly pairs with two phones simultaneously. Manage calls from both your devices or accommodate a co-traveler without missing a beat.
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  • Speak Freely with Voice Commands: Effortlessly send texts, dial contacts, or launch apps, all without lifting a finger. For a detailed walkthrough, explore our voice commands guide. Safely interact with voice assistants like "Dis Sir" or "Google Ok".
  • Universal Compatibility: The B-PRO2 is a testament to true versatility, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones across all brands.
  • Crystal Clear Sound: Experience a sound revolution with the B-PRO2. Enhanced audio quality ensures clear calls and uninterrupted music streaming.
  • Marathon Battery Life: Armed with a powerful lithium battery, the B-PRO2 provides up to 12 hours of active conversation and an astounding 900 hours on standby. Stay connected, even when your phone can't keep up.

14 reviews for Car Speakerphone – Bluetooth Car Kit B-PRO 2

  1. Dominic

    Great Unit, Very Happy with the quality very clear better that the Jabra unit I had which was more expensive – I think could be a bit louder – But my car is very old.

  2. Millstein

    Purchased a classic car and needed bluetooth…..
    What a great choice….I hear the calls clearly and they hear me as well….
    Great Deal

  3. JoEllen Schwake

    I Cannot get the language to change to English? Support would be great.

  4. Amy

    Works better than i expected.

  5. Marty

    it works well, is loud with good quality sound and the auto on/off function works a treat.

  6. Lou

    Really good hands free kit. I can hear people very clearly and I’ve been told I am very clear on the other end as well.

  7. Lea

    Very simple to set up.

  8. Flo

    This is a great little device and really modernised my car.

  9. Petre


  10. Tom

    Great product for a great price. Perfect. Many thanks

  11. travis

    This is good.. I got one a few years ago, and bought this for the wifes car.

  12. DrA

    Simple to fit onto the sun visor where it just sits there unobtrusively.

  13. J.D

    With the voice commands it’s just perfect

  14. maT

    Both sides of the conversation can hear and be heard clearly.

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3 years 2 months ago

Where can I find technical info and specifications?

4 years 1 month ago

How do these compare to a jabra freeway speaker


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